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Research Capacity Development


The Teaching Replacement Grant (TRG) is an intervention specifically targeted at improving the NMMU’s accredited/subsidisable research outputs by providing financial support to researchers through funding teacher replacements. This funding category is intended to fund teaching replacements for staff in order to:

  • Spend dedicated time in completing specific aspects of research towards improving staff qualifications (after approval of a proposal)
  • Allow staff to write for publication in DHET accredited publications.

Applications will only be supported upon recommendation of the Line Manager and the Executive Dean of the relevant Faculty. A Review Committee, comprising of the DVC: RE, the Directors of Research Management and Research Capacity Development and the Manager: 
Research Capacity Development will assess the merits of each application, taking cognisance of the recommendations of the Line Manager and Executive Dean and the alignment of the proposed output(s) with the identified Faculty Research Themes and the strategic imperatives of the NMMU.


  1. All Full-time staff members will be supported. Staff on 2-3 year contracts with the NMMU will also be considered. Students will not be considered.         
  2. The TRG is meant to be used to pay for partial replacement – the staff member is still expected to fulfil normal duties such as attending committee meetings etc. The TRG is NOT ordinarily meant to fund research sabbaticals as such provision is to be made from the Faculty RAM allocation.  In circumstances where staff members are pursuing studies towards further qualifications applications strongly motivated by the relevant Executive Dean will be considered, depending on the availability of funding.
  3. The award must be taken up within the financial year in which it was awarded, otherwise funds will be reallocated.       
  4. Additional criteria and conditions:
    • Successful applicants will be required to provide proof of progress in terms of envisaged outputs.
    • Incomplete applications will NOT be screened.


A hard copy of the application with signatures must be submitted to


Research Capacity Development
13th Floor
Main Building
South Campus


The closing date for applications is 15 June 2012


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