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Research Capacity Development

The Department of Basic Education (DBE) has revised its protocols and processes for researchers wanting to request information or conduct research through interviews within the Department. The purpose of the revised research protocols and processes is to provide guidelines and recommendations for researchers on the processes to be followed when conducting research involving DBE officials, programmes which the DBE is directly responsible for, or national scale studies. The research requests are specific to conducting interviews with DBE Officials , or requesting data or other information from the DBE.

Kindly find the approved DBE research guidleline and application form attached to this page.


1) The DBE will not grant permission for conducting research in schools on a single/isolated visit basis.

2) The DBE will not grant permission for conducting research in districts, or individual Provincial Education Departments (PEDs). Applications to conduct research at these institutions should be directed to the relevant PED. The details of Provincial officials responsible for this are provided in the research guideline.

Kindly note: 

For purposes of institutional ethics approval by the RECH, a copy of the DBE application form as well as all required DBE documentation must be attached with the submission to RECH.

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